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The Lost Art of Prostitution

The Lost Art of Prostitution

“He gave me the standard. He gave me quiver.  He gave me the art of love making.  He gave me the kissing of the phallus.  He gave me the art of prostitution.  He gave me the art of speeding.” – Innana, Queen of Heaven and Earth

The “He” She’s referring to is her dad Enki, God of Wisdom, who bestows all of it to his precious daughter.  The Cycle of Inanna and the Hullupu Tree tell the story of how She uses all of the me, the wisdom and power that is inherited from her family, to conquer life and death.  Through this cycle, which is also symbolic of the sanctity of sex and the womb, She represents maturation and the circle of life.

Sanctity though, hasn’t always been within the confounds of marriage.

Mention Mary Magdalen and you’re bound to turn a Christian head in this post – Divinci Code era.  The woman who first saw Jesus risen from his grave, the first apostle, was depicted as a common whore and a mere disciple.

Before the Crusades, before pagan burning, before Gilgamesh, there has always been Inanna, God who is also known as Isis, Ishtar, Mari, Diana, Hecate, Pasiphae, Selene, Brigit, Cybele, the Shekinah, Lilith, and Persephone.  For me, She is also Yahweh, Allah and Jehova.

It’s hard to decipher God’s meaning from man’s written words.  While I love the Bible for its inspiration and salvation, I can not adhere to that particular canon. King James has never been my king.

It was that canoned Bible that labeled prostitutes as common whores, women as non-clergy and homosexuals as demonic.

Sex trafficking is not the same as prostitution, let me be clear.  Prostitution is the voluntary commerce of sex in exchange for resources.  Involuntary characteristics include women who are economically disenfranchised, captives, children, and those who have fear.

It is proven that the books of ancient Sumerians were captured and taken to Babylon at the time when the Bible canon came into formation.

The stories of the modern day Torah and Bible are direct evidence of the plagiarism that took place.

“In the first days, in the very first days, in the first nights, the very first nights, in the first years, the very first years…” – Inanna, Her stories and hymns

The creation story, the apple of Adam and Eve… the list goes on.

So when did prostitutes go from being oracles to a common “sinner” such as Mary Magdalen?

When the Christian Church decided to establish a new world order by creating the Bible, they forgot about women, and any other person who didn’t behave the way they did.  This is not to demonize Christians.  This is to tell the truth about what happened during those tumultuous years after Jesus’ death.

There is no contestation that the Church represented influential power and still does to this day.  The Bible became the canon that perpetuates patriarchy in the sanctuary as well as within the home…

Gnostic Christian scriptures (written in Egyptian Coptic) that were rejected from the Bible not only depicted Mary Magdalen’s role as Jesus’ wife, but it brings the concept of internal Divinity, a place reachable by every human being, not just Jesus, because we are created in God’s image.  Saint Gregory saw the doom that lay ahead for male supremacy and his beloved Jesus, acted quickly and burned many texts, setting the stage for the Crusades, some of the most glorified genocides in human history.

It’s my vulva, I can charge people if I want to.

In Ancient Greece, gladiators would clean the sweat off of their bodies with olive oil and sell it to wealthy women as an aphrodisiac.  Objectification is only oppressive when the object is being objectified by someone or something other than itself. 

I can objectify my vulva  at times… for my lover’s sake… because I love him… and because it turns him on!  Women talk about how much they want “that dick” all the time.  We just don’t normally discuss it in front of men, scared of being stoned to death, relatively speaking.

I also objectify love, motherhood…  all things that brand what I have to offer.

Do you realize that every time you have sex no strings attached you are personally objectifying yourself, and it was a decision YOU made?

There is much to confuse when it comes to the history of prostitution.  Even Hammarabi’s Code protected the rights of prostitutes and their children; prostitutes that were not always female, Ancient Greece or otherwise.  (Codes 178-80, 187, 192, 193)

Inanna was a “prostitute” in the means that she could use sex and seduction to control man.  The Church denounced this control in efforts to monopolize political influence.  But this linear meaning is incorrect.

To have sex with Inanna is to be blessed.  She bestows her awesome plains to a man that can satisfactorily “plow [her] vulva.” During intercourse, a man sings praises to Her name (which has also happened to me **clears throat** lol).  (Kramer, p. 37)  Her temples are often located near the local brothels of ancient cities, representing the God of spiritual healing and pleasure.  Even Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s best friend and guardian ancestor, is spiritually rejuvenated after spending 6 days and 7 nights with Shamhat, a sacred prostitute.

Sacred prostitution is a concept that is presently not in existence.  But I can’t help but to wonder, what would today be like if it were?


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