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#AbuseIsNotCute: Comments on the Chris Brown and Rihanna Relationship Propaganda

#AbuseIsNotCute: Comments on the Chris Brown and Rihanna Relationship Propaganda

To begin, let me inform you that I am a high school teacher in the South Bronx.  I have no children, but feel sorrowful for those who do.

Recently, Rihanna has released a new song featuring Chris Brown entitled, Birthday Cake.  Take a look.  She’s making him her bitch now…

After an entire explanation on the cause behind the Man Down video, I can honestly say that I am perplexed at her actions.

After the airing of this video, Rihanna justified her music by saying that this is for all women who have been sexually assaulted.  I suppose assault is only problematic if it’s vaginal.

I want to state that I am not denying that Rihanna may have hit Chris Brown first.  I do not condone those actions.  To hit a man because you know that he is hesitant to hit you back is abusive and shameful.

When you work with teenagers everyday, you quickly realize the realities of urban/pop culture.  Whether celebrities want to be responsible or not, they set the standard for many cultural aspects that children aspire to.  It is this reason that legends like Bob Marley was tracked by the FBI.  He was THAT POWERFUL.  High paying jobs always come with large responsibility.  I’m sure the CEO of Goldman Sachs had the same complaint as most rappers; “This is just business [entertainment].”

If it’s one message I would like Chris Brown and Rihanna to state is that #AbuseIsNotCute.  It is ok to formulate a friendship and even further, it is ok to forgive.  But nobody said a damn thing about forgetting.  Rihanna is human, and if she goes back to him, she is troubled with same challenges that women around the world face: How do we as women, set the standard for true love?

The romanticizing of both Chris Brown and Rihanna’s shortcomings is truly an attack on our children.  The #TeamBreezy’s and record labels that are seeing dollar signs in Rihanna swollen eye, do not care about the behaviors kids are absorbing through their environment.  Rihanna is a world-recognized superstar.  She does not need a song with Chris Brown for publicity.  She also does a fine job, by herself, drawing attention to her talent.  Man Down is just one example.

It’s amazing what the world will turn the other cheek to for the sake of an R&B song.  R Kelly can sing at Whitney Houston’s funeral, Chris Brown can win a Grammy and Amber Rose can have an opportunity to join the music scene.

I’m disappointed.  It’s a falsehood to say that people are ready to “forgive” Chris Brown.  I am not asking for his apology.  What I am demanding is some social responsibility, the same way parents demanded parental controls on cable along with TV show ratings and age requirements for purchasing cigarettes.  While no parent gives their child permission to engage in harmful acts, they fall vulnerable to other stakeholders that have access to their children’s lexicon, influencing their thoughts and decision making at such an impressionable stage in their development.

If artists can’t make songs that are antisemetic, why can Rihanna make a song about “bitching” Chris Brown?

I’ll wait…

The sexism, and more specifically, the romanticizing of sexism, has got to stop.  It’s time for our girls and boys, whom many may be without fathers, to have a healthy vision of true love.  Love, little sister, does not slam your head against the passenger window of a car.


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