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As a consumer, you have the right to choose products that are not integral components to ideologies and industries that go against your beliefs as a free person and protector of human rights.

FeministLiving is the founder of, an online hub for the daily living needs of feminists across the globe.

Living while feminist can be challenging when you are bombarded with war, poverty, violence in media, and the violence you encounter every single day.   As colonized people we are in a special place to embrace our migrations and come together to support one another in our efforts to be free. is an eCommerce hub to help feminists purchase their everyday feminist needs.  

Listen to empowering music from feminist-minded people who celebrate women; music that does not objectify us.

See the art of feminist activists and grace your home with inspiration.

Read feminist literature like romance and science fiction novelists, Pearl Cleage, Gweneth Bolton, Iris Bolling and Octavia Butler.  Order online.

Buy fashionable clothes that aren’t made by the hands of underpaid women, men and children.

Stay current with safe space blogs like The Crunk Feminists Collective and awesome cartoons about women of color such as The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl and Friends.  Support these causes online.

Find a midwife for expecting mothers and a feminist-friendly place to worship…

the possibilities are endless…

Let us laugh together and share our stories. Let us look deeply and recognize the love and support we do have, here online with, a place where we can experience one another in one place.  This is our space. 

Live, wholeheartedly and with blessed intentions, as each one of us change the world around us everyday.  Help support this safe shopping space to expand feminist-owned businesses, social entrepreneurship, voices, media, activism and our everyday lives.  Feminists are ALIVE and PRESENT.  Help us find one another and share.

100% of our donations go directly to the Web Development Fund for to cover webpage design and development, making it possible for feminists to have global access to oppression-free products and our daily feminist living needs. 



**Check out FL’s Video Library at **


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